Grimming Symposion

Walter Bailey  

Künstler, Skulpturen in Holz
geboren  1960 in England
lebt in  Bishopstone, UK

Walter Bailey was born in 1960 and trained for three years working with David Nash in Brighton and on the continent.

He has received numerous public and private commissions: A Flame for Dunblane; Holy Florian in Styria in Austria; Oak Figure in Broadwater Park, Godalming, and Surrey. He shows his work regularly at the Hannah Peschar Sculpture Garden. Walter Bailey won the international Enku Awards in Japan.

Walter Bailey is based in Mid Sussex and works both nationally and internationally. He works in wood and ice, carving directly with a chainsaw.

The woodland is my studio; I work there throughout the year drawing nourishment and inspiration from the rhythm of the seasons, the changing landscape”.

“Wood is a living dynamic material, the wood breathes, cracks open and close in response to temperature and humidity. These sculptures were carved and then burned to increase surface texture and depth”.


1999 (C11)   Union
2000 (W01)   Heiliger Florian
2000 (W03)   Heathen Hill
2001 (W02)   Heathen Hill in Bronze

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