Grimming Symposion

Lorna Green  

Sculptor and Environmental Artist
geboren  Manchester, England
lebt in  Bramhall, Cheshire

Some of here major permanent works are (a.o.):

  • 1995 and 1999 “Meet, Sit and Talk”, “Conversation” and “Roof Garden” University of Leeds. Commendations by the City of Leeds Awards for Architecture
  • 1999 “Earthwork Olympus”, Bristol, England
  • 2002 “Play, Perform and Picnic”. Penticton, British Colombia, Canada
  • 2003 “The Chain and the Wheels” Bristol, England
  • 2004 “Enjoy, View and Use” Worcester Park, Surrey, England
  • 2005 “Look, Reflect and Recover”, Gateshead, England
  • 2008 “Timescale”, Durham, England
  • 2011 “River”, Darwen, England.


2001 (W12)   Wald, Apfelbaum, Farbe, Leben

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