Grimming Symposion

István Vanyúr  

goldsmith, artist, small and large sculptures
geboren  1961 in Siklós, Ungarn
lebt in  Hungary

He had started his Art education at the Secondary School of Fine and Applied Arts in Pécs as a Goldsmith. Between, 1982 to 1988 he was a sculpture pupil of Tamás Vígh at the Hungarian Fine Art Academy. At the same period he had studied three years of classical printmaking. Since 1986 he is a member of different professional art associations such as the Association of Hungarian Creative Artists (MAOE) and since 2004 the Association of Hungarian Sculptors. Since 1987 he is active and systematic exhibitor.

Next to his small sculptures, which are made out of wood, stone, bronze or metal, he sculpts public statues and medallions as well. Member of the Siklósi Szalon and the Sellyei, Bicsérdi, Tapolca-Díszeli, Pécsváradi, Kozármislenyi, Eppingen (D), Graz and the Burg-Strechau (A) various Art Organizations.

He had several study trips to France, Italy and Netherland in 1984. He has also visited Spain in 1999 and Egypt in 2000. He is teaching at the Almos Jaschik Art School in Budapest and the Mihály Zichy Art School in Kaposvár.


2005 (F12)   Lebensbaum

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