Grimming Symposion

Adrian Uncrut  

geboren  1962 in Arad, Romania
lebt in  Österreich, Romänien

He studied at the Art Institute “Nicolae Grigorescu” in Bucharest, where he worked with Professors Paul Vasilescu, Vasile Gorduz, and Mircea Spataru until 1991. He visited Austria during that summer and decided to stay in that country. He obtained his diploma two years later.

The professional experience he gained while working as a stonemason for the “Carpati” company, the numerous restauring jobs done in Austria, and since 1998 the almost daily work with forms, volumes and different materials for the company “Art for Art Theaterservice Vienna” – all this is for Adrian Uncrut a source of inspiration for his own art.


2007 (W22)   Vehikel

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